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Prosecco DOC Naonis – Vini La Delizia

Bright colour with an intense, complex, fine, fruity and fragrant bouquet. Extra dry, so slighty sweet, pleasant and fresh with a fine and persistent perlage.


Traminer Pietra IGT 2020 – Piera 1899

Traminer Pietra is a lemon colored wine, set up by variegated aromas of flowers and fruit mixed with hints of honey that define its aromatic texture. The strong and fragrant flavor, given by the spicy notes, make up the important and elegant aromatic structure.

Raboso Pietra IGT 2020 - Piera 1899

Raboso Pietra IGT 2020 – Piera 1899

Intense ruby ​​red colour with purple notes. Pleasant scents of red fruit and flowers where the wild violet stands out. Fresh, luscious flavor with sustained acidity and a high tannic profile.


Merlot Pietra IGT 2020 – Piera 1899

Ruby red color with violet hint. Fruity and aromatic aromas of raspberries, ripe cherries, black and blueberries, which stand out on the finish. Easy to drink, the palate is full and silky accompanied by sweet and vanilla tannins.


Merlot Terre Magre DOC 2020 – Piera 1899

Intense ruby red colour. Fragrance of ripe red fruits rounding off to delicate jam, cherry and plum notes. On the palate, it’s dry, smooth, well balanced and full-bodied, enhanced by sweet delicate tannins thanks to the dried grapes. With medium tannin, and not too much acidity, you will find Merlot pairs well with many foods like chicken and other light meats as well as lightly spiced dark meats.


Traminer Terre Magre DOC 2020 – Piera 1899

Bright lemon yellow with a hint of gold. Intense, with notes of rose, honey, cinnamon and tropical fruit. Complex and elegant, almost creamy with sweet flavour of honey. Excellent pairing with Thai cuisine, shellfish, baked and grilled fish. Delicious with mature cheeses and white meat.


Sauvignon Terre Magre DOC 2020 – Piera Martellozzo

Bright lemon yellow with greenish hint. On the nose bell pepper and tomato leaf are accompanied by the luscious aroma of apricot, grapefruit and tropical fruit. Rich and aromatic flavor.
The high acidity of Sauvignon has the ability to make most foods shine. Wonderful with appetizers, shellfish, grilled fish, white meats such as chicken or veal.

Wine & Cheese platter (2-4 people) Deluxe

Wine and Cheese platter N.Y.E. (2-4 people)

Wine and Cheese are two of life’s great culinary pleasures, and finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavor. This is why we’ve partnered up with Ty Caws, a Cardiff based business, who supports British farmers and cheesemakers, offering the very best selection of British Cheese.
Wine and cheese pairing possibilities are endless and here, in the mixed cheeses edition, our friends from Ty Caws have carefully selected 4 kinds of cheese that will amaze you.

CHEESES (120gr per type)

Worchester Hop: Hard cheese, made by the Hodgetts Family for over 25 years, based on the outskirts of Worcester. Full flavoured – soft, creamy cheddar with a distinct outer coating of toasted hops. Cow • Pasteurised • Vegetarian
Cenarth Brie: It has a creamy white interior synonymous with a classic Brie, along with a delightfully gooey centre. The flavour of the Brie is soothing and mellow and has a suggestion of nuttiness with subtle tones of fresh mushrooms and butter extending into a creamy and smooth finish. Cow • Pasteurised • Vegetarian
Yorkshire Blue: This blue is made with milk from Yorkshire cows only. There is no bitterness here with this blue, it has soft creaminess with a slightly sweet buttery flavour profile. Cow • Pasteurised • Vegetarian
Rutland Red: Traditional cloth-bound Red Leicester aged for a minimum of 6 months. A cheese that stands out on any cheese board, not only for its bright natural red colouring, but also by its distinctive bold taste – nutty, caramel savouriness. Cow • Pasteurised • Vegetarian

WINES (a bottle of)

Risposta La Risposta 110 Sparkling – Kurtin: Charmat Method wine made from Ribolla Gialla, which has natural high acidity and makes it perfect for the production of sparkling wines. Fresh citrus and floral aromas on the nose. Intense, with lively bubbles on the palate and a pleasant long finish.
Prosecco VN 2020  – Ardenghi: Bright colour with an intense, complex, fine, fruity and fragrant bouquet. Extra dry, so slightly sweet, pleasant and fresh with a fine and persistent perlage.




Franciacorta Brut DOCG Anniversario – Bersi Serlini

Anniversario is the soul of Bersi Serlini Winery and the perfect Blanc de Blancs for your special, memorable events. It is the official wine of the Anniversaries that matter in life. 100% Chardonnay made in the traditional “Champenoise Method” with intense flavours on the nose of fresh fruits, white flowers and tropical mature fruits hints, typical of Franciacorta wines. Creamy and balanced on the palate with notes of almond, chestnut and peach ending with a lovely persistence and elegant finish. Its excellent freshness makes the Anniversario Blanc de Blancs a unique and elegant Franciacorta.